Field of gold

Field of gold
It should just have been the typical Swedish Easter with spring in the air, but nature has it’s own way and snow covered the countryside. Roads became difficult to drive on and the field where we saw hay made in summer became a sheet of gold as the sun set.
Nikon D300 at 18mm

Where Moose and Wild Boar roam

Where Moose and Wild Boar roam
Lately I have been going over my old files. Yesterday I was looking at my work from 2005, I was then using my first digital Nikon, a Nikon D70. Today it would be considered hopelessly antiquated with a low pixel count and poor dynamic range, but I am very happy with this result. What is the famous saying about the best camera is …..
This image was photographed on one of our wonderful holidays in Sweden, far away from the maddening crowd.