The Snake

Last week we met with my son and Daugther in law at Fisketorvet “The Fishmarket for cake and coffee. Fisketorvet is a large shopping centre surrounded by modern office buildings. Through it all runs “The Snake” a specially build cycle path. Always very photogenic.
Camera Nikon D750
Lens Nikon 50mm 1.4


Yesterday I went to Copenhagen. I usually leave the car at home and use public transport. The Metro is very fast and efficient and a great place to photograph. The light is good and there is always things happening. I enjoyed playing with my new Nikon D750 with the 50mm 1.4 mounted on it. A great combination

People live here

I have gone through differen phases of photography. Recently I concentrated on “Street photography” and got some pictures that I liked. (I dont photograph good pictures, only pictures that I like) I looked at other photographers Street Pictures and saw endless numbers of meaningless pictures of one or two ladies walking in the street. Technically good, but devoid of any story or meaning. I now try tell stories of people without necessarily showing people. I want to show the environment and make it possible to visualise the people living in it.
Eugene Aget was classed as a street photographer but very few of his wonderful Paris images showed people.
Camera Nikon D750


I like to frequent the more “run down” areas of Copenhagen. There seems to be more to see, more textures and colours. I look at things left behind by previous occupants and build images of them in mind. Think of how they dressed 50 or 100 years ago. This is from the western part of Copenhagen.
Camera Nikon D750

Brick Lane

After many times in London we eventually made it to Brick Lane. You need to know its history to really appreciate it. So many people have passed through. It is now mainly dominated by asiatics. Jewish silk weavers once made their living here, but it is said to be moving upmarket and sought after by Yuppies.
Camera Nikon D700